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Mission Statement

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The Adams County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), is an IRC 501 c-3 non-profit organization that provides shelter and care for lost, abandoned and abused animals, investigates cases of cruelty to animals, recommends the prosecution of persons engaging in animal neglect or cruelty, helps control animal overpopulation and educates the community about spay/neuter programs, animal wellness and safety.

The Adams County SPCA is a private nonprofit organization that receives less than 1% of its annual operating budget of $650,000 from Adams County. We also receive donations from several townships/municipalities for our much needed services, but we continue to struggle to support the very important task of caring for the many animals that come through our doors. We do fundraising, memberships, apply for grants and receive some bequests. We take in approximately 1,200 animals per year and each year that number increases.

The Adams County SPCA is supported by five Full-Time employees (including one Veterinarian), five Part-Time employees – along with an active Board of Directors, and many committed volunteers who help support the work of the shelter. 

Abby Avery, Shelter Manager
717-334-8876 Ext. 22

Members of the Board


President - Tina Fortenberry

Vice President - Donna Quante

Secretary - Brienna Smith

Treasurer - Kim Flickinger

Past President - Pam Curley



Jamie Bonser

Betty Brownley

Bonnie Grady

Nancy Yang


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