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Do you want to help the animals too? You can.

Here are a few ideas...

Have a lemonade stand at your Mom/Grandma's yard sale.

Start telling everyone to save soda can tabs. We recycle these!

Ask your school to do a penny drive for the animals.

It's simple.

On your next Birthday, have a party asking people to bring items to be donated to the animal shelter in lieu of gifts. The animals would love it!

Get Social.  Share our Facebook posts with all of your friends. Let everyone in your online social circle know that our shelter is important to you, and ask them to help out too.

Do-It-Yourself Fundraiser - Fundraising is an excellent way to raise money for the shelter. From lemonade stands and bake sales to car washes and book sales, the possibilities are endless.

Get creative. So many kids in the community have, just like the ideas above. Always ask Mom and Dad before doing something for the ACSPCA. Be sure to tell them why it is important to you. Share your ideas with the family. You, too, are important to the animals.

Always learn about animals and animal safety. Share your knowledge with others. This is how we all learn to do what is good for ourselves and for the animals.



Hey kids!

Do you have a classroom or organization that would like to learn more about the Adams County SPCA?? Learn about Dog safety?

If you do, we would love to come & tell you more!


Please contact us at

or call 717-334-8876.

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