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Help an Animal with Special Needs

The shelter frequently takes in animals with a variety of medical needs that may require emergency surgery or other specialized veterinary treatments. Hit by car, animals that have been shot, animal cruelty, animal neglect, serious injuries - these are just a few examples. We do not have the facilities or an in-house Veterinarian to handle these types of emergencies. These types of costly vet bills strain an already overtaxed budget. We're hoping this special fund will help defray these emergency costs. We need the support of our community, let's work together to give these animals a second chance!!


If enough donations are received to defray the costs associated with a designated  animals special needs, the Adams County SPCA reserves the absolute right to utilize the excess donated funds at its discretion to serve the needs of other animals under our care. Inquiries regarding how donated funds are utilized can be directed to our Shelter Manager at

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