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One year ago

On January 6th – we adopted Barley (aka Bonnie).  She’s been a wonderful addition to the family – affectionate, persistently energetic, destroyer of all “indestructible” dog toys, and a great but often pesty younger sister to her feline brother, Nash, who we adopted 7 years ago. Thank you Adams County SPCA!


Olive here!  I just celebrated my 1st birthday and I got to spend another week at the beach which I love!  I'm full of spunk & personality and I make my mom and dad laugh every day. My sister Breezy and I are perfect playmates and we love playing with our toys and chasing each other around the yard.  If you can't see me in the backyard it's because I'm hanging out inside one of my agility tunnels 🙂


Envigo Beagle survivor


(now Kenai)

Kenai loves to nap and get all the snuggles in. He is definitely a lap dog! He loves to go on walks, and his favorite place is his Mimi’s house because they have a HUGE yard! He always get the special Mimi treatment over there and they give him ALL of the treats lol!


We are so grateful to have him as a part of our family

He’s been such a good boy adjusting to his new home, and always wants to play with his kitten sister, Doja. He has been exposed to some other dogs and plays so well with his doggie friends.



Time for a little Ellie update… I’m so proud of this little girl! She’s doing AMAZING! She’s come such a long way in the past 7 months. 

Today she went for her first state park visit and she had a blast! Ellie improved so much socially, she’s now ready to explore the world. She did great with other people and dogs, she even went into the water!


She’s a happy little girl!


I know I mentioned it before but we are truly so thankful that you picked us as her forever home!





We are sooo proud of our girl!!

Gertie (formerly Porsha)

Today we completed our intermediate class and our novice and intermediate AKC trick titles so she is now Gertie CGC, TKI. Go Gertie! Not bad for just having her 4 months.

Pam and Gertie (adopted from the ACSPCA)

Just a quick note to let you know how great Rockwell (now Rocky) is doing! He plays daily with his big sister Maddie and cuddles with her every chance he gets. He sleeps with his human brother every night and keeps me company all day long while I work. He has made such a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you so much for all you do and for giving us our sweet handsome boy!

Rockwell (now Rocky)



Maggie and I can't thank you enough for bringing us together! Maggie has been my little bundle of fluff for almost a year now, and she has come a long way! She absolutely loves playing with her cousins, many of which are alumni from Adam's County SPCA, and loves her walks! She definitely has a lot of character for a little dog!


Thank you for all of the times you loved on me, walked me, petted me, played with me, fed me and told me that someone would be coming to pick me up and give me a forever home!  You gave me love and hope when I needed it most.  I am forever grateful.  My humans are too - they don't know how they ever had a home without me in it!


After I left you all, we all went for a long ride to see my new grandparents who both love me and think I am a fine little doggy.  I jumped right up on my grandma's lap and won her over with a single lick =)  next thing I know I am falling asleep on her, her rubs felt sooooo good!  Then it was time for a walk and back home for bedtime.  I jumped right into bed with everyone else and slept real well (except when nature called and it was time to use the doggy door.  My last owner must have had one because I had no trouble at all figuring it out).  


Sunday we went for another ride to Walmart and Daddy picked up some things for me while Mom stayed in the car with me and my brother and sister.  Then we went for a nice walk and i and my brother went wading in a creek and so when we got back it was bath time all of us.  I did really good getting a bath, Dad dried me off and then I rolled in the rug and hopped on the couch and smiled at Mommy, she sure does melt at my smiles.


Today I am going to work with Daddy, he knows that I like to ride and he wants to spend some extra time with me :)  I get to meet his parents on Thursday!


Thank you again for all that you do, both for me and for all of the others that are still there at the Adams County SPCA. 


Love you Guys!

Gratefully Yours,

Fiona Athena Lakin


loves her forever home ...

Wanted to send you some pictures of Aretha I adopted over two weeks ago now! She loves her new forever home! I changed her name to Shelby now:) She has settled in greatly and loves her big sister Bea who is 5 years old I adopted back in 2014 at your facility:) they love playing and relaxing together! Shelby has an amazing personality and I love her to pieces.I attached a pic of her and Bea lounging together and a pic of just Shelby.
Thanks for all you do for the animals and finding there forever homes❤️❤️❤️

Thank you.

Zoe (formerly White Nose)

After a rough couple of days with non stop pacing and shaking she has really settled in and loves her new home.


She loves the outdoors and sitting in the sun.

I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful little girl!

Beau (formerly known as Stephen)

is already loving life at his new home!!

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